Saturday, April 24, 2010

A fun week with Uncle T!!

We got a very special visit this week from my brother Taylor -- driving cross country from college (BYUi) to home (Orlando) for the summer. The boys were in heaven... especially since it was a busy week for Blake and we did not get to see much of him!! Let the good times roll...

We had nightly wrestling matches, hulk hands and all

We went strawberry picking and made awesome salads, juices and smoothies with all the delicious berries!!

AND the highlight for Bray was building a model airplane FROM SCRATCH. Seriously, I don't know how Taylor came up with this. He literally had a few dowels, foam core and duct tape... I mean what else would you need. They did get a little hobby shop propeller plane too but nothing can compare to this turbo glider!!

Thanks for stopping through Uncle T-Sizzle! It was a blast. Oh... and we have to mention Taylor's "Cardio Funk" debut. I talked him into trying my cardio hip hop class - I am addicted and love bringing new blood to the dance floor (plus if Blake can do it... you can too!) Anyway, he did great and even got up in front during "All the Single Ladies". hahaha... now that's a picture I wish I had!

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Brandi said...

I can't believe he made that just out of his head! that is amazing. I wish I could come to your cardio funk class with you! Sounds so fun!