Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter in Cherokee 2010

We had a great time celebrating Easter with Blake's family this year!! Even though I couldn't get Gavin to smile for any pics... don't let it fool you, we had a blast!! The weather was fantastic and the cousins had a lot of fun together.

Family Easter egg hunt in the park!! I loved Millie's oh-so-fashionable "hand bag basket". Also, Braden was hamming it up for the camera big time! Other than that, between the hunt on Sat. and a visit from the Easter bunny on Sunday, it's safe to say the kiddies got plenty of easter-time fun in AND plenty of CANDY.

Yay! The EB found us all the way in Cherokee :)

And of course the crowning moment for the boys... a ride on Papa's motorcycle (G says "papdirtbike" (one word, referring to ANY and ALL motorcycles). I think they would have driven home just like this given the chance!!


Ally said...

Thanks for posting these, Lindsay. Since I lost my camera, these will be the only Easter pics I have! :)

Bruce said...

I love all the pictures....and am so happy for you to go to NYC!!! I just wish I was in the suitcase, too!!