Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our 2009 Christmas Adventure Begins!!!

I am so excited to finally be together enough to get all these fun pictures posted. It has literally taken me over a week to recuperate from our amazing Christmas vacation. I am still no where near caught up, but I wanted to get these up before January flies by!!
This year was our "Christmas w/ the Clarks" year (my family) -- a special year b/c EVERYONE was there. It seems like every year for the past several years, someone has been on a mission (5 of us has served, little bro will go in a year), plus Tiff and Dan were coming in from Dubia... it promised to be a year to remember... and it did not disappoint!
I love that my parent's mantra is "making memories"!! They filled our calendar chock full of everyday excitement. The next few posts are a few of my favorite pics:
Dec. 23rd: Big's B's B-DAY!! We celebrated Dad's day w/ a party and friends. And lot's of horsey rides from Uncle Sam!
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