Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Get it... the BRO - LYMPICS!!! Hehehe. We were pretty pumped up for this day of sheer competitive sportsmanship. Dad concocted an obstacle course to end all obstacle courses, which ended w/ a one man canoe trip to the end of the dock and back. Ohhhh, it was funny! If only I could post the video :)
After the obstacle course... took it's course, we continued on to the golf course (so many courses!!). Sam is training to become a golf pro (not a pro-golfer) and gave us some helpful hints. The competition continued...
Of course the girls had to get in on the action... That Ashlee... what a competer! She's so athletic she took it by a landslide :)
And on into the night, with the skeet shooting (are those pistols?!?!) round. We were all a little sore the next day. But hey, we had a LOT to work off after the cruise!
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