Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Eve!!

Christmas eve would not be complete without a) matching jammies - for ALL. b) the Nativity re-enactment... usually it's a fight to be Mary, but since Tiff is expecting a babe of her own, we all politely stepped down!! c) a few tears!! The little ones were not too thrilled about posing for pics. We would have offered popcorn a little earlier if only we would've known :)
Christmas Caroling!! Another fun tradition.
And to end the night: A SPECIAL VISIT FROM SANTA (hmmm... he looks so much like Uncle Sam). B&G could not have been happier (I know they look tired, but they were happy!!!) You'll notice the jar full of pom poms in Braden's hand. We worked all month doing good things to fill that jar, with that promise that once full, Santa would come!! Santa delivered. It was so cute. Benton was not too thrilled... he'll come around!!
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