Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cruisin' to the Bahamas!!

December 26th involved events such as: waking up, driving to Miami, boarding a cruise ship, setting sail to the Bahamas. Just your average every day fair!! Kidding, kidding!! We were all so excited -- my parent's gift to the whole fam this year was a 3 day cruise... nothing too crazy (we had the little ones), but enough time to enjoy ourselves and make a few memories!

The beautiful Atlantis... I love Braden being bombarded by fish!!

The waves were INSANE on the beach we went to. All the boys had a blast, though Blake did have a close encounter with death. He said he was flipped twice under water and disoriented... I kept my bootie on land!!

Pirate night!! Before the show, one of the nights, they marched in all of the sea scurvy and had them perform a little act!! It was soooo funny. Braden is definitely considering growing a mustache/goatee combo... I think it really fits his face :)

Which takes us now to the BEST part of a cruise: the FOOD!! Each night we ate together in the main dinning area and literally ordered one of everything on the menu!! I'm talking 3 appetizers, 4 main dishes, 5 desserts etc... Then pizza at midnight. We also enjoyed the "piano man" bar. Blake sang along w/ every song. And Ash and I had to take a pic w/ our favorite SYTYCD couple: Ashleigh & Ryan. They danced on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships before doing the show! We're fans.

All in all a FANTASTIC time!! Thanks Mom & Dad... You're the best :)

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