Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wow, Christmas came so fast this year! I wanted to soak it up and enjoy it b/c 2 & 4 are such fun ages. We had lot's of fun gifts... and even had a few surprises for the boys. Benton and Gav got matching scooters and Bray got a bike that looks like "Papa's Dirt Bike!!!"
Love those matching jammies. Braden & Gavin both have cowboy boots... I can only laugh!!
I am a lucky lady and the proud owner of a bump-it. If you can't see it or haven't heard of it, just google it. It's a little running joke :) Can't wait to bust mine out and use it.
Braden is obsessed w/ Wolverine. Lucky for him he's now got a shirt w/ Wolverine's face and lucky for us he's now got a matching claw. As Tiff said, "you might not want to let him take that in the car anymore... with people..."!! He's a little armed and dangerous these days, but what's a four year-old super hero to do!!

Only second to the bumpit hair booster was a fabulous little "treat" from the hubby. I got to pick it out from a certain store. I love it :)

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Brandi said...

oh my gosh a Bumpit! Can't wait to see you sporting that one girl! ;)