Sunday, December 21, 2008

Random Pics from the Month of December!

I finally downloaded all the pictures I had on my small camera from this month!  Gotta get it cleared off for Christmas (which I can't believe is in FOUR days.... ahhhhh....).  Anyway, I thought I would get a quick picture post in and catch up before we head out of town.  Let's see what we've got:

Last Monday night we went down to the Columbia w/ the Jeppsons for the "Light's before Christmas".  Fun to see lights... though hard to see animals.  Oh well, the kids had a great time.  Here are some not so great pics :)

Christmas Jammies are a BIG deal in my family.  I let the boys try theirs on early...ooops they LOVE them and want to wear them every night.  Sorry, Mom... I know that's going against tradition, but I'm a sucker for soft jammies - I can't say no!

So, if Braden inherited his looks from his Daddy, the one thing he inherited from me is his creativity... this kid blows me away some times.  Everything turns into something else.   There's always a story or he's always building and creating something out of the simplest things.  This is his Space Rocket (which Gavin LOVES to destroy)

Here he is pulling Gavy on the jetski...

Fishing for a "G-fish"


Gavy loves the four wheeler.  He would sit on this in the garage ALL day if I let him!

My neighbor and I started doing a trade last month.  She has two boys (1 and 4) and they get along great (MOSTLY) w/ Braden and Gavin.  It has been a lot of fun and a lot work.  I will say that for all the hard work that having 4 boys 3 hours at a time is, it is worth the 3 hours of NO KID time every other day.  We have had BEAUTIFUL weather this week.  Just a few pics from our random outside adventures.

Lastly... I just had to add these b/c they crack me up.  These are from our Pinehurst trip.  The boys and I went bowling one day (the place was dead!!!) and had a blast.  

Bray really wanted to take a picture of Mommy & Gavin...

Gotta get those fingers in the right holes... still working on that one!


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