Sunday, December 07, 2008


Our first year to host Thanksgiving at our house!!!  Mom, Dad, Tanner & Ashlee all came to celebrate.  We had a great weekend and aside from LOTS of food, we actually fit in a LOT of projects.  I have the sort of Dad that literally knows how to do everything.  And he is a perfectionist... so you know it's going to be... PERFECT.  We totally "did" (can't say "re-did" because it wasn't much before) the loft/office/studio area and finally finished Braden's room w/ Bunk beds, chair rail, paint, decor etc....  It seems like when the fam comes up we always fit in some project... I will definitely post pictures soon.  It was a really good time though, and my first Turkey turned out pretty nice n' moist so that counted as a success for me!!!  Here are a few pics.  I am realizing that I am somehow in almost every single one... how did that happen... I am usually behind the lens... oh well!

Turns out Braden has a hidden love or dare I say talent for peeling potatoes.  He sat there forever working on a potato.  I need to remember this activity for the next he gets bored.  It kept him happily busy for a long time!!

And you gotta have an extra set of hands when you're making dough... it just makes the rolls taste better!


Tiffani said...

I've been waiting for these pictures since thanksgiving. The boys look so big. i'm laughing at gavin's little picture with the fire hat and the walker thing.

Carly and Todd said...

How fun! We had our first Thanksgiving this year too, but still managed to get out of making the Turkey, thank goodness. Congrats on your first Turkey being a success!! How fun to have your parents there to help you with so many projects too. I am dying to see the photos. Glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving!

Brandi said...

I've never thought to let the kids help peel potato's. I can see how that would be very entertaining. Glad you had fun. It is a lot of work hosting but totally worth it. Can't wait to see your house projects.

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