Thursday, July 14, 2011

Next Stop: Florida (again!!)

Last year I got a call from one of my Brother's best friends asking if I'd be interested in shooting his Orlando wedding in July of 2011.  THAT WAS A NO BRAINER!  You know me and my destination weddings!  And of course, any chance I get to head down to Florida... so we decided to make a 10 day family vacation out of it!

Though our plans changed a tiny bit with my grandpa's passing, I ended up flying straight to Florida from CA with my family that Saturday and Blake (awesomely) made the drive down with the kiddies.

I know I say this every time, but this trip was AMAZING!!

For the fourth of July we did some damage at the outlets and spent the rest of the day on lake!!

Tuesday, Blake and I took the boys to our favorite spot on Cocoa Beach!!  By the way, let me introduce you to my cousin Tristan! (far right)  He came back with me from California and is living with us right now.  He had a great time with us in Florida and we're really happy to have him with us.

AND the next day we took the kiddies to SeaWorld (I'm telling you, this was an awesome trip!) It was the first time for the boys... traditionally we've always done Disney.  I have so many childhood memories from SeaWorld so I loved taking them!!

Tristan LOVES reptiles so we had to show him a good time at the St. Cloud serpentarium!!
Quite possibly one of the most exciting parts of the trip was meeting my Brother Taylor's beautifully amazing fiance Annie Clark (yes, they have the same last name... how convenient is that!!) After a really late arrival - I think by the time we made it home from the airport it was 4:30 am, we had a wedding shower planned for her for the next day!  She was a trooper :)
How about a little tiny sneak peek into the bridal session I did with them the next day!! Could not have done it without the help of my Mom and our fabulous friend/neighbor Eva.  She's such a creative talent... I say it every time... wish I had her with me in Charlotte for every shoot!!
And finally a tiny sneak peek into the reason behind the trip: PJ & Lauren's wedding. Shooting a wedding at 12 noon in 100 degree weather in humid FL is no easy task BUT, these two made shooting a breeze!  We had a blast and I can't wait to share more from both shoots on the Hart to Hart Blog

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Brandi said...

how fun ya'll went to seaworld this time. So fun! I know I say every trip is the best one too. I guess that means we just love to travel. Love the sparkler pic. I got one like that last year and was so impressed with myself. haha. glad you guys had fun as usual, even with all that heat!