Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just June!!

is what I told myself all last month!  We have the whole summer ahead of us... it's just June!  And here it is right smack in the middle of July with school starting in exactly one month!  Whew!! (so many mixed emotions about that)

But anyway, we really enjoyed our first month of summer! Gavin did awesome with swim lessons this year (learned to swim without floaties... he is such a little fish) and of course we enjoyed (are enjoying) almost daily trips to our neighborhood pool.  We made a family trip to one evening of girl's camp this year - all the bishop's were asked to participate in a really neat little play the last night.  Wish I had more pictures... the boys were in heaven.  

June was another high volume {*read: insanely busy} month for photography.  That last week I had 6 sessions in a row that had to be moved/postponed due to my Grandpa's death and a last minute trip out to California for his funeral.  Bring on July!

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