Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who Isn't?

This little boy is driven by incentives in a MAJOR way!!  He loves charts and checklists and the prizes at the end.  In fact, it worked so well w/ potty training, that he was trained in 2 weeks - last August -  and hasn't had an accident day or night since then!!  Usually the treats are something small (like an oreo on his nightstand) but this past month we needed to do something bigger.  Braden does NOT like to go to bed... and on top of that, he has been coming into our bedroom EVERY night.  It's hard to sleep w/ him in there b/c he lays horizontal and I have never been a big believer in "co-sleeping".  Anyway, Blake came up with this special chart called "The Road to Optimus Prime" (a transformer that Braden wanted in the worst way!!!).  Braden basically had to not cry at bedtime, obey all day long, sleep in his bed all night and a few other things, to earn Optimus.  Long story short the incentive was working fabulously, until he decided he didn't really wan Optimus anymore.  Uh-oh... back in the bed.  And at this point I'm thinking, this is probably not the best way to be teaching this child... shouldn't he just have to learn to sleep in his bed on his own.  But 2 sleepless nights later, we were back in the saddle when we found the Air Blaster Riffle!!  He had all week to earn it and even slept with it in the box and the foot of his bed some nights.  (It started in the closet, then the nightstand and then the bed). 

Yesterday he FINALLY earned it.  You cannot imagine how happy this little boy has been.  He even fell asleep w/ it in his arms.  I just want to remember this stage b/c it is can be such a roller coaster at times.  But when it is good... it is so much fun AND hilarious and cute and I hope I don't forget it.  

This was definitely one incentive that worked!!


Dubai Young Women said...

oh my gosh. i am dying. that is so cute. i'm so glad i got to see it still in the box. lets skype soon!

Andria Laws said...

So fun catching up on all that's been going on with you and your family.