Thursday, March 05, 2009

More Stuff Coming Soon!

I have quite a few things I want to post and blog about from the past few weeks.... I just need a tinsy bit more free time!!  Just had to throw this quick one in.  I am SO EXCITED!  I just got the most amazing lens in the mail today.  I have been researching FOREVER which one to add and after trying it out today I couldn't be more pleased (since I always agonize over big purchases).   And the timing couldn't be better, I have 3 back to back photo shoots on Monday, so.... lots of cool pictures to follow.  Stay Tuned :) 


Samuel and Camille said...
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Samuel and Camille said...

A little bit more "free time" is good, but what would even be better is a sister who would come back and do the grueling part of downloading all of them, which I would in a heart beat!!!

The Harts said...

ohhhhhh please come back!!!! I am dreaming of another few days w/ Camalama