Saturday, March 14, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So, this past month I have been tagged about 25 times on facebook to write 25 random things about me... Sounds exciting right!!   I wrote them a while ago, but decided to post them on my blog instead of facebook - it just seemed a little personal!  And I'm thinking this was mostly just fun for me to think up a whole 25 goes....  

1. I LOVE to travel. It is absolutely one of my favorite things in life. When I was 16, my family (all 8 of us plus a pull behind trailer) drove cross-country and stopped in over half of the states. In college I traveled w/ the modern dance company to Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, Fiji & New Zealand. I served a mission in Bolivia and went to the MTC in Peru. I have since been back to Peru twice as well as Chile & Mexico and crossed a string of borders throughout. I can’t get enough. I am dying to go to Spain… and the list goes on!

2. I love to cook… not bake… just cook. And I love to make up my own crazy gourmet recipes that involve thing like pesto, pine nuts, feta, sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts.

3. I am terrified of heights, but I LOVE roller coasters. We’re talking the crazy ones. 

4. On that note, I went bungee jumping (backwards, headfirst) for my 16th B-day. It was actually really fun.

5. I have played the piano since I was 5. My senior year I had a solo graduation recital (yep, just me on the stage for one hour playing the piano… awkward!). I did manage to memorize 6 classical songs (Rachmaninoff, Bach etc…) The last piece I played was 11 pages long. Snooze fest. I am pretty proud of it looking back though. I Could NEVER do it again.

6. I really like to read… it’s addicting so I go in spurts. In the past four weeks I have manage to read (or am in the middle of reading) The Shack, Confessions of a Shopaholic, The other Boleyn Girl, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands.

7. My favorite sport to both watch and play is Volleyball. My senior year our team won CIF (it’s a Southern CA championship). We beat the high school (Poway) that my Dad grew up attending. Which, BTW was always our biggest rival!!

8. I have had a photography business for 5 years now (started as videography but that was way to hectic). I LOVE photography and have learned a lot/come along way – BUT I still sort of freak out without fail before each wedding/shoot and worry that I won’t be good enough.

9. I could eat salad EVERY night for dinner. (these are really jazzy salads we’re talking about). I love it.

10. I don’t have a middle name. My first name is my Maternal Grandmother’s last name, so I always sort of thought I had 2 last names. (though, in middle school I did tell everyone my middle name was Stacey.. that stuck for about 2 years)

11. I love to decorate. I am not the best, but I literally fall asleep at night scheming. If only I had mega bucks - oh the things I would do. 

12. I do free lance graphic design for a small publication in FL. Just another side job ‘cause I have so much free time.

13. Blake and I have served in the Spanish Branch (of our church) for 3 years now. I am the Primary President, Primary Chorister, Primary Pianist, Branch Music Chairman and the Public Affairs Rep. I love it, but it does keep things hopping. Why again, did I take the afore mentioned side job? 

14. I love musicals. I was in West Side Story & Bye Bye Birdie in High school. Mostly dancing parts and “Sad Girl #1”, but hey, I loved it and I still can’t get enough. When I went to NYC for my B-day last year, that’s all I did: Broadway, every single night!!

15. I secretly wish I could host a traveling, photography, cooking, yoga show. ALL my favorite things combined.

16. Ohhhh… I LOVE YOGA. Especially HOT. 

17. Which brings me to this random fact: I did weekly yoga throughout both my pregnancies and I could still do the splits, headstands, full backbends etc… all the way up to delivery. I’ve never felt better!

18. I don’t mind cleaning… I actually sometimes really like it, but I HATE to do the dishes, which works out really nice b/c I married a man that does the dishes ON HIS OWN every night. I can probably count on my hands the times I’ve done the dishes after a family meal.

19. I have the BEST mom in the world. People still ask if we are sisters. Love pops too, but I can literally only remember one time in my entire life that my Mom has raised her voice at me. She has the most patience of anyone I’ve ever met. WHY can’t I be more like that?

20. I am still in pursuit of the PERFECT jean.

21. I am OBSESSED with Mexican Food. Growing up I had no idea restaurants outside of the Mexican Genre existed (well.. until I went on my first date!) Seriously though, it’s a sickness and it’s not so much the food I crave, but the chips and salsa!!

22. I love being a mom and am so happy I get to stay at home w/ my kids while doing things I love on the side. It’s hard and I wish I could be a WHOLE lot better, but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. 

23. During my year and a half in Bolivia, I spent several months in a small junglly area bordering the Amazon river. After 4 months, I contracted Malaria. Literally the CRAZIEST thing that has ever happened to me. While the experience itself was horrendous, I have never felt Christ’s love more powerfully in my LIFE. I learned compassion and faith and to never give up during a long month in a lonely Bolivian hospital – lessons for which I will always be grateful for. Why is it when we’re at our lowest, we sometimes learn the most? Pretty powerful.

24. I am night OWL. I’ve tried… I can’t not be. That’s why its 1:00 am and I am writing this.... sigh.

25. I wrote this list over a month ago… I sort of think this whole thing is a little open and narcissistic, but actually it was really fun to write, so what the heck… I’m going to post it ☺ 


The Hyer Family said...

Loved it! I should do that myself, but it seems like so much work! And I'm not a night owl...I like my sleep! I just bought a Canon Rebel and am starting my first photo class this month...I aspire to be like you! nice post!

Andria Laws said...

Wow, that was really fun to read and I feel like I know you a lot better now! Thanks for sharing. (:

1-Were you with the BYU dancers? Just wondering.....I got to work with the ballroom dancers last fall when they toured the northwest. I was the "lucky" one assigned to be the chairman from our stake. I had never attended one of their performances before but I was SO impressed by their company. I kept thinking what a great experience these young students were having and then I remember you dancing in H.S. and was wondering if this was the company you toured with.....? They were awesome.

2-We love the same stuff!!! You'd love my homemade pizza recipe with goat cheese,sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and bell peppers....its delish!

5-I remember that! You looked so pretty in your dress from prom, I was BLOWN AWAY at your talent the music was beautiful!! I actually remember coming away from that recital feeling like crap and resenting my parents for not ever letting me take piano lessons! (Not that I ever would have been able to play like that!) (;

6-I got that book too (Proper Care & Feeding)....are you a Dr. Laura listener too?

11-Me too!!! Before we moved to this house I had our other home completely decorated. I loved it. Now I'm in an old fixer upper and it's been a little hard. One of my friends though has "hired" me to decorate her's fun spending other peoples money. I too wish I had big bucks to decorate with. I'm always forced to find the creative "design on a dime" shortcuts. (:

13-Wow, you're a busy lady! What a blessing you guys are to that branch though.

17- That is SO impressive!!!

18- Oh my, you are SUCH a lucky girl...I am seriously envious! (:

23- That is so special Lindsay. What a faith building experience that must have been. Thanks for sharing that.

Kelly Johnson said...

Lindsay- you are an amazing woman!! I loved reading all these fun facts about you!!

Sabina said...

you are amazing, thanks for sharing ,and for being an inspiration.
Bueno en espanol mejor,te admiro mucho y me hace bien rodearme de personas como vos, te quiero mucho.

Brandi said...

Wow, I loved your list. So great to get to know you even better. I love the same ingredients you do. I'm going to email you some yumm easy recipes I have using those. Also I can't believe about the malaria!!! I gotta talk more about that!

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