Friday, March 06, 2009

An Ounce of Inspiration

Last weekend our Stake held a Women's "Overnight" Retreat!!!  I just have to write a little about it b/c it was truly an inspiring (fun, crazy) weekend.  The first night was hilarious.  After some get to know you icebreakers  We were delved out into groups according to our B-day.  Each group had to come up with a deleted scene from an assigned movie.  If you can't tell from below (haha) our group got "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I practically lived this movie circa late 80's.  We were all pumped.  The pictures don't do our DTV 20 year reunion dance off justice.  It was great.  Video maybe to come.    

That night we headed off to our top secret location... nobody new until 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave.  We ended up at a YMCA indoor camp facility w/ several different open cabin type rooms.  There were tons of Women of ALL ages.  We ate, watched movies... slumber party stuff.  I ventured over to the cabin were all my branch mamitas were... of course they were crazy and fun as usual.  (see pics!!!)

It did get a little hairy around 1:30am after the first movie ended.  Someone got all Nazi on all 4o of us in the big cabin.  She wanted to watch "Somewhere in Time"... with the lights on.... at FULL volume.  I was D-YING!!!!!  I think everyone was.  I did not go to sleep until 4:00am.  Okay... not so excited about the sleep over part anymore... but oh well.  

Sat. was a blast.  I ended up teaching a little dance class in the morning (possible video to come as well!!).  Taught a group of women ages ranging 20 - 60 and little routine to "Everybody Dance Now".  More hilariousness.  The rest of the day though, was WONDERFUL.  I learned so much from so many talented women.  The classes were great.  From food storage, to interior design, to freezer meals, to journal writing, to relaxation, to how to cut boys/men's hair and tons of great food and snacks in between.  WOW.  We ended the night w/ a great dinner and a fun, inspirational show from three ladies who flew in from out West.  They were fantastic singers/actors who had you laughing one second and crying the next.  It filled me up in many ways... definitely needed that.  Thanks Blake for watching the boys!!

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tiffani said...

i think you really need to post videos! sounds like such a fun weekend!