Monday, September 08, 2008

SEPTEMBER'S HERE - My favorite Month

And no, not just b/c it’s my B-day month… September has just always been my favorite month! I love September weather, I loved going back to school (high school, college years), football games, the new fall line up (though I don’t have much time to watch TV these days), here in NC the leaves change, long evening walks, light sweaters and jeans make their comeback… all around, it’s just a great time of year. And yes, my B-day, which means the BIG 3O, so we’ll move on quickly…

So, what have we been up to the last few weeks with summer winding down?!?!? Mostly just fun times w/ the boys and LOT’S of church stuff in between. Here are a few highlights.

POTTY TRAINING – Braden is officially in underwear during the day. It took us two weeks, one potty-training chart and several packs of rolo’s later. I wanted to do it before he turned three. He was ready, I was just a little… let’s say… lazy about the whole thing. Anyway, it’s been a good experience and Braden has done fantastic. My favorite moment: The first time he went poo poo on his potty, he turned around and looked at it and said, “Mom, I pooped a pancoon” (which means pinecone) and yes, it looked exactly like a pinecone… way to go!

MONSTERS – Last week Bray starting freaking out over “Monsters” in his room. He couldn’t sleep and was all torn up about it. After lots of attempts at scaring the monsters away and/or showing him there really aren’t any in the room after all, the one thing that work was saying a prayer to help him be safe. I told him he could pray any time he was scared. It was SO CUTE b/c the next two nights after we would leave his room, I would stand outside the door and he would be in there saying LONG prayers about staying safe from monsters and anything else that occurred to him. Very sweet… which also sparked the adorable question, “Mom, where does Heavenly Father live?”

WEDDING PLANNING w/ JOHNNY – I only write about this b/c it has been one of the most time consuming things the past few weeks. My friend from the Spanish branch got married on Friday and without a car, limited English and the need for some major negotiation skills we set out to find beds (the girl he married has a 2 and 3 year old), apartment furnishings, clothes for the wedding and the rings. Anyone who knows me knows that somehow I always seem to find SERIOUS deals… so, with luck on our side, we found some great things including an over half a carat solitaire engagement ring and diamond eternity band, originally $1,360 for ……. $449 (yes, it was real and beautiful and 90% off!!!). Compared to the other TINY diamonds we looked at to stay in his budget it was a fete worth writing about. Friday was the wedding. I was the photographer, witness, made some food, got the kids ready… whew….

PRIMARY – Not sure if I’ve ever blogged about this, but I’ve been the Primary President for 5 months now and it has been non stop!! We had the Pineville Primary Olympics Saturday and passed out ALL our program parts and CD’s and music folders etc… I had to write the program VERY quickly this year (so if anyone has any cool ideas that they are doing in their program I would still welcome ANY input/ideas etc…) I know it won’t get less busy w/ the program coming up, but I’m glad to have that weekend over with.

Well, lot’s more, but I should probably cut it off there (I’m realizing this is REALLY long!!!) We finished the summer off with trips to the pool, monkey joes, lot’s of lunch dates w/ friends etc… Here are some pics of the Boys I took last week… can’t believe they’ll be 1 and 3 next month!!! Where does the time go.


Ally said...

I love those sweet boys! They are so darling.

Carly and Todd said...

Wow, you need to leave town and take a vacation!! Fun to hear what you've been up to. The boys are so cute and look more and more like Clarks every day

Tiffani said...

They just are getting bigger every time I see a picture of them. Can't wait to see a video soooonnn!!!!! Love ya