Sunday, September 28, 2008

Labor Day... a month later!!!

I know, I know... this is way after the fact, but I just got this from my sis-in-law and they were too cute not to post!!  We met Blake's sister's family up in Marion at Lake James for Labor Day.  The boys camped out Sunday night and then Monday we spent the day on the lake, tubing, wake-boarding etc...  It was a blast (even though Braden sort of freaked out over the tube).  Thanks Lenons!


Ally said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Poor Braden! I remember it taking me forever to finally get up the courage to try getting up on my training skis. I clearly remember Ryan, Blake, and Steph being very annoyed that I was wasting their valuable skiing time by being a wuss. I think the family had to offer me a Hershey bar, and I finally accepted.

themacmomma said...

Hey girl!
It's me Carolyn!
How in the world are you doing? I've been blog-hopping and found you from Kellie's blog!
Your family looks so cute and of course you look fabulous!!!!
I actually thought about you quiet recently. I have a dance friend who headed to Russia yesterday and we were sharing our single word knowledge with each other. I threw in the spaceeba, with the lisp of course! Anyway, totally thought of you!