Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Day - Sept '08

So, things are a little crazy here in Charlotte right now.  We have been/still are in a major gas crisis.  It is insane.  There is NO gas anywhere and when there is, the lines are anywhere from 1-2hrs. long.  Blake was on empty and left at 11pm last night on a gas hunt.  He came back an hour later victorious.  But seriously, it's weird.  The gas stations on our side of the state line (technically we live a few miles into S.C.) have been absolutely bombarded anytime there is a gas shipment.  It is supposed to end sometime next week.  They even cancelled all church activities this weekend.  So... we have been going a little stir crazy!  And to top it off, it rained the entire day today!!!!  Here are just a few random pics.  Gavy is so close to walking (and getting into EVERYTHING).  He can literally tear apart a room in minutes.  He can also crawl up the stairs in seven seconds flat.  Braden is still doing couch gymnastics (started sometime around the olympics... the sport still pops up on longs days).  We finally headed outside on his new 4 wheeler (my $25 garage sale find... yeah!!!) to go puddle jumping.  Enjoy the pics!


Tiffani said...

sounds like things are crazy there. No gas, I cant believe it! I love all the pics of the boys. can't wait for your NYC trip and especially to see wicket. wish i could see it with you guys!

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