Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sunday's Bridal Fair

If we're friends on facebook you may have read about my crazy SUNDAY!!  Church at the crack of dawn, Bridal Fair all day up in Concord AND THEN hosting all the Young Women and their Parents (from church) for dinner and a youth discussion.  It was a doozy!!  Thank goodness for HELP.  I had a fabulous assistant at the bridal fair (makes such a difference w/ 2 people) and of course Blake who made the entire dinner and desert and had the house clean and boys contained when I ran in the door 20 minutes before it was supposed to start.  BTW, this is a night when LST (latin-standard-time - at least 30 minutes AFTER designated start time) came in handy.  

It was actually a good day, BUT I've never been so excited to just flop myself down on the couch at the end of it.

Part of my excitement for the bridal fair was my NEW BACKDROP *squeal*.  I have been trying to get my whole "booth" look together for 3 years now.  I FINALLY decided to just splurge and buy the real deal... I mean, I loved the one Blake built me out of PVC pipe, but it was time.  It came in the mail on Tuesday and Saturday around 11p we finally had the time to put it together.

It looks complex, but really it's 15 mins tops to pop up and put together!!  SO AWESOME!

Of course, in my hurry I forgot to grab my camera.  Here's a crappy "phone picture" that doesn't do the booth justice.  You get the idea!!  Let the weddings roll in...


brandi said...

Lindsay, you are such an inspiration all on your own!!! You did a fantstic job! I love reading about all the excitement going on=-)) Good luck with everything=-))

David said...

You are in a league of your own, lady! How sweet is Blake for helping out so much. So I told my friend here about your awesome DIY projects so maybe you'll start getting a NYC following :) Miss you guys!


alisa said...

Wow...the new set up looks amazing! I am sure great things will come from the bridal fair! SO glad you survived your long sunday!

Candace said...

Where's my picture?? hahahhahha!! Look great!