Sunday, February 06, 2011


No... it's not a typo!!  It's how Papa says it, so it's how we all say it... and wrastlin' is what they do best!!!  

We went to our nephew Tanner's High School wrestling tournament this weekend in Marion.  It was all we could do to keep these little bear cubs off the mats.  Finally when they were down to the last match and the second mat was free, B&G ran down (with head gear and all) and started wrestling up a storm.  All the attention from the stands and onlookers turned to my guys... it was sooo funny!!  People were cheering, taking pictures and video.  I didn't have my good camera, but today, someone emailed me these!!

I think we may be watching a little too much Nacho Libre around here!


Marijo said...

Too funny!!! I love it.

alisa said...

hilarious! We love nacho libre here too!