Friday, January 07, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

Before I blog my big Christmas post, I thought I would post a few details/happenings leading up to Christmas break!

December continued to be an insanely busy month for me up until about the 18th (my LAST photo session).  I know your chins will drop in horror, but I didn't even begin Christmas shopping until the 19th... but that's okay, b/c we went simple and easy this year and I wanted to be able to ENJOY it!!

Here's another shocking confession: I haven't been able to bring myself to take down the Christmas decor!!  I know, I know... it's coming down this weekend... just enjoying it for one more day!  We ALWAYS leave for Christmas, so we don't get to enjoy it the whole month... last year I left it up a lot longer, so I'm already doing better!  I took a few pics to remember it!  I don't decorate w/ the traditional red & green... it's all silver n gold, bronze, turquoise, orange and pink!  Kind of fun.  AND I LOVED ALL the cards we got this year!  So many beautiful ones for the card holder!

A couple of shots from some Branch Youth Activities.  It has been fun serving w/ the youth over the past few months (after serving in Primary almost 8 years!!)  

TRI-STAKE Barn Dance

Our little Christmas Party for the girls

And finally, Braden's pre-school class presentation!!!  I LOVE how much he ENJOYS school.  He loves his teachers, friends, the creative projects, the singing, the learning etc...  I will save the dramatic story of Gavin and I actually getting to his Christmas program, but we made it at the end to hear him sing, "Go tell it on the Mountain"!  Too cute.  After he asked if I would take a picture of him in front of the church pretending to hold baby Jesus!  Loved it!

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