Sunday, January 23, 2011

"How I Became a Pirate"

Is literally one of our favorite books!!  So of course we were super excited when we found out not only the play, but the author was coming to town (ImaginOn Library).  Friday we spent the afternoon there doing all sorts of pirate projects!  We got to listen to the Author, Melinda Long read the book - who was adorable, by the way and she even signed our copy and talked to the boys!  

The most exciting part of the day was meeting the plundering pirates, Jeremy Jacob and old Braid Beard himself!!  The boys were in pirate heaven (and only slightly scared of the their very real green teeth!!)



Jen said...

How fun! We love that book too!

Candace said...

Fun!!! How do you find out about this kind of stuff??

Brandi said...

we love those books too. How fun! I bet your boys loved it!