Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas from Braden & Gavin!!

A few days before Christmas I had a session with a little baby.  After he left, the props were still out... which gave Braden an idea (Mom are you smiling yet?!)  Braden wanted his own Christmas shoot, with costumes and all.  He planned the outfits, set all the poses and checked each shot to make sure it was right!!  

Anyway, we hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very HAPPY New Year!  With Love.


brandi said...

Very cute! Love the Christmas jammies! You always have the cutest cards and ideas=-)
Happy New Year Hart Family!!!

Carly said...

Love those striped jammies--what a cute idea for a photo shoot! I LOVED your Christmas card this year too! Wow, you have amazing creativity and talent! And... the family is beautiful!

Brandi said...

how cute! It's like a second Christmas card! I love it. If you haven't sent thank you cards yet you could turn it into a thank you card for Christmas gifts. :) I love seeing that that kind of shoot could work for older kids, even the "sleeping" one. very cute. :)