Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Best Halloween Yet!!

It really was!  The boys were totally into it this year and even though we waited until the last minute to find costumes, everything turned out great!!  I was BOMBARDED with photo sessions in October (in a good way, of course) so I'm glad we were able to pull everything off... decorations and all!! *** Must give an honorable mention to our "Halloween Cats".  My Dad was so pumped to make these with the boys.  He found the idea in a good housekeeping magazine, tore it out, brought it and thus the creation began!!  I honestly had not had a FREE SECOND in Oct. so it was fun to have them here to help out with carving pumpkins and getting into the spirit of things!!  THANKS GUYS :)

Earlier in the week, the festivities started w/ Braden dressing up for preschool.  He FINALLY narrowed it down to one costume (other possibilities included an avatar, batman, other super heros etc...)  The preschool program was awesome!!

Thursday Ahma, Ahmpa, Ash and Camille came into town.  We had a blast the entire weekend!  We hit the pumpkin patch...

The trunk or treat at church.... Are we just lovin' that walrus!!  Seriously such a random costume, but I LOVE HIM IN IT!!

And had a great time doing a little trick or treating in our neighborhood on Halloween.  We have the BEST neighborhood for trick or treating!  You don't have to go to far or to too many houses to have a great time.  Of course we didn't get home from church until 6pm (Blake until 7p) but it was still a FUN night!!

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brandi said...

I love how you make a collage out of all the photos!! It is super cute! I am glad you had a great Halloween=-) Hopefully we will be closer in the states next year!!