Sunday, November 14, 2010

October or BUST!!

October is a happenin' month here at the Hart house!!  All my boys have October B-days, so it seems we are celebrating something weekly!!  It starts with Blake on the 7th, G on the 10th and Bray on the 20th.  These are our family party pics.

After rescheduling Gavin's party due to a stomach virus, we finally had a fun little party at the house one morning for a few of his neighbor friends.  We decorated cupcakes, ate mini pizzas and enjoyed an impromptu visit from Papa.  Perfect for a 3 year old!!

This year we decided to do Braden's party at his Tae Kwon Do studio.  It fell on the same day that he tested for his orange belt... can you feel the excitement!!

This is him testing...

Now, let the party begin!!  I got SOOOO many hilarious pictures of the kiddies.  Posting all 137 was not an option, so here are a few fun ones!

This is my "Gavin Montage".  The age of THREE is proving to be a bit of a rollercoaster for him.  I mean, the 2's were a breeeeze compared to this!?!  He is up and down and back up and down... moody toody.  So, at the party he was no different.  He started out hiding in the waiting room... would not even enter the studio.  BUT, little by little he warmed up (never mind the fact that we are there 3 days a week?!)  Anyway, you can see the progression... my Mom helping to ease him onto the mat and into the exercises and FINALLY him participating!!  Tooo funny.  All I can do is laugh and cross my fingers he grows out of it soon!!

What a great party and a great month of celebrating!!

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