Sunday, November 07, 2010

An Interview With A Five-Year Old...

Braden turned 5 two weeks ago {ooops... a bit behind in posting!!} .  To commemorate I asked him for an interview.  He politely obliged - mostly b/c he was bored.  So, w/out further adieu here is my BIG BOY of 5 years in all his glory!! 

BRADEN RUSSELL HART - a.k.a, Bray Bray, Bro, Muscle Russell etc...
October 20, 2005


Food: pizza, chinese dumplings, carrots, broccoli, popsicles, frosting and of course biscuits and gravy (and I promise I did not prompt on those veggies!!)

Colors: blue & purple

Friends: Sean, Asa, Ethan & Edwin

Movies: Avatar, Karate Kid, Marry Poppins, Robots, Scooby Doo, Living Scriptures

Things to Do: shoot bow & arrow, play on the monkey bars (w/ gloves on of course), play with toys, tell knock knock jokes, go to tae kwon do

Toys: power ranger car, batman, bakuguns

TV Shows: Disney Playhouse, Sonic, Curious George

Things at School: doing the monkey bars, his teacher Ms. Pam 'cause she reads lots of books!

Place to go: Monkey Joes, school, toy store, Ahma's House

What is Daddy's job: "to make money"
What is momey's job: "take pictures"
What to you want to do when you grow up: (in this order) "be a missionary, go to high school, go to BYU
What job do you want to have: "costume seller or pumpkin patch owner (Can you tell we were days away from Halloween!!!!!)

I love my Braden and can't believe he is FIVE YEARS OLD?!!  He is such a creative, charismatic, smart little boy.  He LOVES to read.  He and Blake have recently finished Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea, and the Long Cold Winter to name a few.  He just tested for his orange belt and loves being active through Tae Kwon Do.  He is also such a great older brother to Gavin. Wherever we go he puts himself in charge of making sure G stays in line and is right there with us (i.e., no wandering off in the grocery store... Bray would be all over that!!)  I'm sure we will look back on this some day and get a kick out of it.  Happy B-day to my own Karate Kid!


brandi said...

That is soo cute!! What a great idea to do with the kliddos, by having an interview for a birthday, do you mind if I use that for my pumpkins?? I am so glad we got to "catch up" even though it was brief! (I could of talked througfhout the whole day with you=-)) Have a great holiday season!!

Brandi said...

Adorable. I love the interview. I need to do that sometime. Great idea. And he is such a great kid. Hope he had a fun birthday.

Becca said...

Love, love, love it!! I love the interview idea. I'll have to tuck that one away for use in the future!! You're such a great mommy!

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