Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tanner's Mission Farewell - FL July 2010

Though this was one of our quickest trips to Florida, we packed in a ton of fun and enjoyed some final time with Uncle Tanner, before he heads off the the Provo, UT Spanish Speaking mission.  The trip was a last minute decision, but we we got fly there AND Blake was with us, so it was a double whammy!!

Traines & Planes!!

Friday we headed down to Cocoa Beach... the day was PERFECT!
Of course we had to hit our favorite Resort Pirate Pool (I think I have pictures of this place on my blog at least 4 times...)
Saturday we went to the temple... almost ALL the sibs were there... we missed you Tiff... tear tear ;(  Tanner is the 6th out of 6 siblings to serve a mission and the 4th speaking spanish.  It was an amazing morning... so glad we were able to be there for that.  (btw, do you love Cami and my matching outfits?!!!)

Later that day we enjoyed some outdoor dock/fishing time.  Again, GORGEOUS weather.  Gavin ended up catching 4 fish... and no one else caught anything!!  That last one was a doozy!! GO G!!

Rescuing a turtle
Sunday was Tanner's farewell talk.  He gave a really great talk in church and of course the whole fam sang!!  Guess what... we got through it with minimal tears.  We were reminded of Taylor's farewell, where Ashlee ended up singing a solo b/c Tiff and I couldn't pull ourselves together!  This time around (minus mom) we stayed strong!!

We flew out Sunday evening.  What a memorable trip.  I'm so glad we were able to share the weekend with the fam.  BTW,  Can't believe Mom and Dad are going to be EMPTY NESTERS!!  


Tiff and Dan said...

Linz...we we're both pregnant during Taylor's song. I completely blame hormones, maybe a little that we were seeing our bro head out for a couple years!

Carly said...

Sounds like such a great weekend! He is going to be a great missionary! You all look great...and you are sooooooo skinny and beautiful!

David said...

That is really exciting news about Tanner leaving on his mish. Six out of six siblings is amazing. Your family is amazing and beautiful!