Monday, August 23, 2010


have been meaning to post these pics for weeks now.  Here they are finally... are you ready for a photographic overload?!?!  I HAD to do collages b/c there were just soooo many pictures.  And really, this post will probably only be meaningful to family, b/c the second part of this trip was ALL about family!

First, the fact that I even made this trip happen was such and amazing coincidence... I had a client contact me (after initially meeting him back in April) about shooting their July family reunion in Park City AND the dates happened to coincide w/ Tanner entering the MTC as well as my G-pa's 90th B-day celebration in San Diego!!  Wow... it would be a lot of work, but definitely worth it.

I wasn't sure my bid would be accepted b/c it included airfare & hotel while in Park City, plus all my photographic fees... and let's face it, there are a lot of photographers out in Utah.  Long story short they ended up flying me out there and thus the trip began!!  By the way, I have to give a huge shout out to Ashlee!!  I couldn't have done it without her.  She flew in the same day as I did and helped w/ Gavin for 4 days straight.  She was amazing.

After finishing up my work in Park City, Ashlee and I headed down to Provo/Orem waiting for my parents and Tanner to get there on Wed.  We hit the old stomping grounds at BYU, had a marvelous stay w/ Aunt Julie and ate our way through the entire Utah Valley (can you say Cafe Rio, In n' out, Magelby's Fresh, cupcakes and milkshakes etc...)

We brought In N' Out to Grandpa and Mamo one evening!  G-man had such a fun time w/ Grandpa Mackay and his talking/moving animal collection.

I met up with one of my favorite buddies from my mission in Bolivia.  Mao is from Columbia but has been in UT for the past few years!  Seriously, never thought I would see him again, so that was fun!

Thursday, Mom, Dad, Ashlee, Tanner, Gavin and I drove down to San Diego.  It was actually a BLAST!!  G did so well in the car.  Friday I got to see my beautiful high school friend Chelsea ... we met up on the old stompin' grounds in DelMar.  We saw other friends from PQ... good times!!

Of course, we had to do a drive by to see how our "old house" was doing!!!  

This is my Grandpa Clark.  He turned ninety and he is still alive and kickin'!!!  I love him.  He had no idea we were in town for his surprise party the next day.  Luckily when your 90 putting two and two together takes time!!
Above: We met up w/ the rest of my Dad's fam Friday night!  It was a lot of fun seeing everyone... of course we had to Mexican... is there really any other type of restaurant?

Saturday was his Surprise party AND SURPRISED he was!!  It was so much fun... a lovely tribute to his life and legacy :)  All the sibs shared memories and I had even made a DVD with photos and music from the past 90 years!!

Of course, the guitar cat was there to entertain us all.  Uncle "Guitar Cat" Brian is my Dad's older brother... he has rocked the mullet for the past 3 decades and it's looking better than ever.  I love the progression of these pics as he ends up playing the guitar w/ his teeth!!
More group shoots... look at G's face... aw yeah!
Again, this part is probably only enjoyable if you are family!!!

Getting crazy Sunday evening!  We come from a family of musicians so you know we were rockin' out to rock band!!

We drove home Monday and had a fun Mackay family party (wish I had a picture from that...) then I flew out Tues. morning.  Gavy was such a great little guy the whole trip!  I think this is the most "Gavin and Mommy" time that we've had since his birth.  Braden has a great time w/ Nana, Papa & cousins, a few days with Dad and a few other friends.  It was such an amazing trip... all in the name of Photography, b/c without that gig there was no way I was making it out :)  I'm still amazed and so grateful it all turned out!! 


Tiff and Dan said...

i'm so happy to wake up to this post! so fun to see all the pictures. i've been dying to see them all.

JenFlores said...

Looks like it was a wonderful trip! We so wish we could've been there. Thanks for sharing the photos and making us feel a part of it all. :)

David said...

Your uncle looks awesome. Gavin must have loved his mommy time!

Tn said...

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