Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tae Kwon Dooooooo

Braden is officially back in business with all things Tae Kwon Do!  In fact, Friday he tested for his purple belt... an extremely exciting occasion here at the Hart house!  There were so many funny pictures, it was hard to choose just a few.  I just love his expressions.  He was the youngest one (at 4 1/2 to test) and his focus is not razor sharp :)  But he gave it his all and I love that he has something he can be dedicated to.  

Gotta give a shout out to G-man who patiently sits through hours of classes each week!  During testing though, he was done... he walked himself to the waiting room, grabbed a bag of chips and a soda (Blake had left them in the waiting area) and sat happily enjoying his snack!

"Focus" says Master Russell

Love this the most... Gavin is attempting to break his own board!!

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