Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Florida Trip - June 2010

Hello Hello!  It’s officially been a week since we’ve been home from yet another fantastic Florida adventure. (Starting to feel like a broken record… what can I say though, we have so much fun there!!).  Anyway, I had hoped to get this blog post done this past weekend (in my attempt to stay on top of things), but Friday night I got carried away in the blogosphere and DANG, some people have amazing lives – more on that later.  Suffice to say I am back to living my own life and happy to share a few pics from our trip.

Our main reason for heading down south was for my little bro’s high school graduation.  The first few days were filled with his party and graduation ceremony.  

That weekend Braden got to travel down to Tampa w/ Ahma, Tanner and his great friend Robert who was adding a stripe to his black belt via the annual testing this year held in Tampa, FL.  Apparently it is a VERY cutthroat endeavor and Braden was amazed by it all!  He absolutely LOVE tae kwon do… could it be b/c he loves all things weapons and fighting?

Anyway, moving in to the second week, we had a great time shopping (the outlets in FL are the BEST), playing w/ neighborhood friends, fishing off the dock, swimming in our neighbors beautiful pool and so forth.
Ahma pulled some oldies but goodies out of her FHE box!!


The second weekend of our trip, Ashlee and I took Braden down to Sanibel Island… GORGEOUS!!  We met Marliss and her 3 little cutie pies and stayed at a beautiful little hotel right on the beach.  

YUM!!  The best hamburger EVER.
I love the picture of her little boy Banner asleep on my shoulder in the pool.  He is delicious!!!

Friday Ash, Braden and I did something that has officially made it to my “Favorite Things” list (which doesn’t really exist, but if it did, this is so on it!).  We rented bikes… but not just any bike, B and I shared a tandem adult kiddie bike and it rocked.  We peddled all the way down to the end of the Island – down to the lighthouse.  It was about 5 miles roundtrip and my little guy peddled furiously the entire time.  Sun burnt and sweaty  he cried when we had to turn the bikes in, “MOOOOM, I don’t want to stooooop”.  It was SO much fun (and a great workout for me).  I WANT ONE! *side note, I just found out this week you can purchase the "child tandem add-on at Target"!!  Definitely getting that soon :)

Sat. night, we celebrated my Moms, ____ B-day with dinner and a show!!  We hit up the hilarious “Sak’s Improve Comedy Club”… it was seriously funny and high note to end the trip on.  The boys and I left Monday and the drive back was PERFECTION!!  It was our best yet.  They slept several of the 9 hours and were so well behaved!!

I feel so blessed to be able to visit/see my family as often as I do.  I’m always jealous of people who live SO CLOSE to family… but for now I will settle for our Florida trips here and there and just be thankful we are able to make them!!!

LASTLY… we are on pins and needles waiting for Tanner’s mission call!!  We thought it would come while we were out there…. IT HAS TO COME THIS WEEK!  Stay tuned.


lizzie said...

Wow--how cool for you to go to Hawaii! you'll love it! The pix of your vacation were great. You are such the adventuress! You're creating such great memories. Take every chance you can. Miss you guys. Keep doing fun stuff so I can keep reading about it! Love, Liz

JenFlores said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Enjoy your trip to Hawaii, I can't wait to go back with the kiddos someday. Enjoy, you deserve it!!

Brandi said...

We've done the tandem bike thing before in Tahoe. So fun! The kids do love it. It would be a fun investment. I'm jealous of all your FL trips girl. TAKE ME!! haha!