Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kiddie Camp in Full Effect!

Today started our first day of Camp... at the Hart's House!!  After researching tons of different camp options and adding up the $$, driving, time etc... I decided I would combine everything I wanted my kiddos to experience and come up with my own AND then open it up to friends in the neighborhood!!  

So far so good... actually better than good.  We had a fantastic time today and I'm really looking forward to Wed. and Friday! 

Here's our itinerary:

Monday: {SAFARI DAY} Reading and Theatre Arts, Mini Photo Shoot

Wednesday: {Aloha, Island Fever} Creative Arts and Crafts, Language Activities (Spanish), Baking 
Friday: Movement and Music with Kiddie Yoga and More - Take Home Photo

I'll be blogging and sharing more at the end of the week!!


David said...

What a great idea! You are such a great entrepreneur. Hope it is going well!


Andria Laws said...

Way to go Lindsay!