Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Festivities - April 2009

(Still in FL).  Saturday my parents ward had a fun little Easter Egg Hunt.  I have to say, this is the first year Braden really GOT it... that was fun to see!  Gavin even enjoyed the "hunt" as well.  The rest of Easter Weekend is out of order and I'm way to annoyed w/ how hard it is to re-order pics in blogger... so oh well... here they are:

A word about matching.  Growing up my mom loved to have her 4 girls matching.  I'm talking EVERY holiday and lot's of time in between.  It is just sort of a tradition (and Blake doesn't even flinch about it any more!!!!).  So, yes, it is a little odd to see 5 grown women (we can't forget about cuzin 'Tina) walk into church totally matching... but this is one tradition you don't touch and matchy matchy it is!! And even though when I was 13 - 17yrs. it wasn't my favorite thing in the world... I LOVE it now :) and I LOVE you Mom, you hot thing!
Easter morning... we all found our baskets... and thank goodness, not a single one got cooked in the oven this year!
Making "empty tomb" biscuits Easter morning

More egg hunting... this boy loves chocolate.

more Easter morning... gotta have the "stair pic"

Another Egg hunt... this time Easter morning... and not quite so much competition!  Look - the Easter bunny came and ate the Carrot we left him!  Awesome!

Gavy had to stop and eat the contents of each one :)


Brandi said...

I love that your family does the matching thing. You know that is me totally!!

Hey so I thought it was me with the pictures being so hard to move on blogger. Did something change? I thought it was from my computer change. It is SO ANNOYING!!

Andria Laws said...

I love that tradition.....and I agree with you about your Mom-she totally is a "hot thing"! I love the picture of you with your husband and kids, what a great family picture. (: