Monday, April 13, 2009

And We're OFF Again!!!

So, our whole Florida Easter trip was a last minute idea thanks to Papi (Grandpa, Dad etc...).  We knew Blake had a ticket to come out Thursday, but it was basically up to me when I wanted to drive out w/ the Boys.  As we were driving home from Cherokee Sunday evening, Blake suggested I just get up a go.  Ughhhh.... more driving the very next day... could I do it?!?!  OF COURSE!!!!  We were off again, by noon the next day... AND, it was a GREAT drive.  The boys slept the first 3 hours, I was rockin' a book on tape and calling the world.  It was very enjoyable and I was so glad we just left and did it!!  Of course the trip was A-mazing.  Need I say more!

We made it to Ahma's "I'm SO excited"

Marliss and her two girls came up Tues. and spent the night.  It just so happened to be their Spring Break as well.  We had a lot of fun. and a few little tiff's w/ the one-year olds, hehehe.

Welcome to Tanner's carwash... can I be next!!  Thanks for the wash AND vacuum Ner.

FISHING!!  My parents fabulous neighbors let us fish from their fabulously stocked pond.  A few months ago, off our dock, it took Braden ALL day to catch one fish.  From the Munns pond it took him all of ONE minute and a piece of bread.  Heaven.

Just some random shots.  BTW, we did a LOT of shopping this trip.... one of my favorite things about Fl: THE OUTLETS.  We found some incredible deals (i.e. the entire Banana Republic Outlet store was 40%... Blake scored a pair of $100 shoes for $14.99 and it goes on)  
just practicing my tae kwan do moves

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