Monday, April 13, 2009

Conference Weekend in Cherokee - April 2009

We decided to visit Blake's parents for conference weekend A) to enjoy some family time w/ his side and B) the BYU Baseball team was playing Western (Blake's grad school Alma Mater) so of course we couldn't miss it.  It ended up being a REALLY great weekend.  Lot's of driving all over.... but it was fun to get the cousins together (a few more pictures will be added of that once I get them) and of course eat some of Nana's famous biscuit breakfast.

I'm so excited to be in my carseat driving!!

We got to Cherokee Thursday evening and Blake REALLY wanted to do a hike Friday morning before everyone got there and things got busy.  His parents live minutes from the Smoky Mountain National Park and he had been telling me about this certain hike that he took my Brother on during their "Man vs. Wild" weekend 2 years ago.  I agreed, checked the weather (well... at least the weather in Charlotte... 72 how different could it be in Western Carolina) and got set to go.  WELL, let me see, 72 minus 30 degrees later (that would be 42) we found ourselves hiking along the Appalachian Trail - me in Jeans and a sweatshirt, Blake in Shorts and a sweatshirt.  And you know you are unprepared when the only people you see on the trail are in full Columbia hiking gear... rain ponchos and all.  I'm not going to complain... but it was KILLER.  Mostly just because it was "couldn't feel my limbs COLD" and rainy.  We were going to hike 12 miles... I can't believe I made it through 7.5.  Yes, a great workout, but no rewards... no view, no sunshine... just fog, rain and FREEZING air!!!  Can't wait to do it again :)

We hiked to a shelter for lunch... pretty cool.  This is where I broke it Blake that I couldn't do 5 miles more.  Again, maybe next time!

We got to go to 2 BYU games.  It was fun.  More pictures soon...
Wouldn't be a trip to Cherokee w/out riding Papa's motorcycle!!

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