Friday, July 25, 2008


Blake and I had an amazing "getaway" last week (though I use the term loosely b/c it was actually a working conference for him!!!).  For me though, it was such a great chance to relax, read, rest, recharge... all those great R's that are had to catch at home with little ones and responsibilities to keep up with.  THANKS to Blake's Mom and the Lenon kids we were able to go by ourselves... we missed the kiddies, but we got by!   

Anyway, our destination was Atlantic Beach, NC.  Such a cute little town (we'd been there two years ago, so we already knew where we wanted to eat... the most important part, of course).  Highlights included, outdoor dining on fresh seafood at a restaurant on the pier, movies: Get Smart and the midnight premiere of Batman, Dark Knight.  A dinner cruise w/ other conference goers, great Mexican (I know, but Mexican food and the beach always went hand in hand for me so it only seemed right), great weather and water on the beach... and best of all, LONG hours laying in the sand, reading and soaking up the rays ALL BY MYSELF!!  I had a really fun beach read: EAT PRAY LOVE.  A great book.  Well, I could go on and on (which I've really already done - you would think we went to the Greek Isles the way I am gushing!!)  I'll sign off with a few random pics of the town and one of the amazing pier/beach our hotel was on.  LOVED IT!

ps - for anyone who's read the book EAT PRAY LOVE, I thought about my "word" the whole time I was there.  Of course, you can't really come up with a realistic word after laying in the sand for 5 hours.  So, it came to me this week (back to reality): "multi-tasker".  I think that about sums it up.  (in fact as we speak I've got booth the Mac and PC running so I can blog on one and work on the other... and so life goes! 

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