Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's Shoot

Anyone that knows Braden, knows that getting him to actually "pose" when you want does NOT happen.  This is why this picture is so cute!!!  I was shooting a newborn today and while the baby's mom was changing him, Braden (who was being the most helpful assistant) jumped in and said, "take my picture".  I said, "give me your best pose" and this is what I got!!  He gave me 5 other good ones, but I'll just post this one!  Plus a few other cool ones from the shoot.

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Tiff and Dan said...

I think you should at least email us the other ones of Braden! I'm glad you've updated the blog more these last few weeks. I think Gavin gets bigger in every bigger. I love Bradens little pose! He is so dang cute!