Sunday, June 15, 2008


HAPPY FATHERS DAY!  Hope everyone had a great day!  We sure did.  Blake made good time getting home after church - we had a great Mexican dinner, called our Dad's, played around the house and enjoyed a beautiful walk.  A great end to a VERY busy week!  We took a few fun pictures.  That last one, Braden took... he is always begging to take a picture, so I gave in b/c I thought it would be funny to see... that of course lasted until Blake said, "you do realize that is a 2-year old holding a $1500 camera".  He did do a pretty good job though!!!  Anyway, I was just thinking back to when Blake and I first got married.  I made him a little poster title "100 things I love about you".  Then I numbered 1 - 100 and wrote all the things I love about him.  I won't give them all now... but since it's Fathers Day, what the heck, I'll give a few:
Blake is wonderful from the inside out!  He's smart and funny and a hard worker.  He's back at the gym and hotter than ever!!  He's an AMAZING help around the house - we're talking kitchen, laundry, dirty diapers, scrubbing the shower out amazing... and that was just this week.  He serves endlessly, is loyal and loving and most importantly a GREAT DAD.  Just to illustrate: Braden LOVES to sleep in his LBJ's (workout shorts that are about a 5T).  One night he was out of clean ones so Blake let him wear a pair of his (which excited Braden beyond measure).  They were HUGE... it was HILARIOUS.  Anyway, the next morning after Blake left, Braden ran out of the house after him.  I was still upstairs feeding/changing Gavy and didn't realize it.  Next thing I know, my neighbor is knocking on my door bringing Braden back in.  Can you imagine my embarrassment?  1 - What kind of Mom am I that "let's" my kid run out of the house and 2 - in Blake's HUGE crazy big workout shorts, no shirt, no shoes.  I was dying... I explained he ran after his dad, and that he also happened to be wearing his Dad's shorts.  She smiled, laughed and said, "WOW, I can tell those two have a strong connection".  We don't know these particular neighbors that well yet but she got it right.  They have such a bond... and that's just the kind of Dad he is!  Love you BABE.

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Ally said...

What a great dad! He was a great big brother, too (after he got out of high school and stopped saying "didn't I tell ya?") :)