Monday, October 11, 2010


Gavy’s b-day came and went… it was such a busy day!  With a bridal fair for me and SEVERAL church responsibilities for Blake, I felt a little bad and worried my little guy wouldn’t have a great day, being shuffled around somewhat.  But that’s the beauty of a three-year: they’re cool with that!!  Or at least Gavin was.  He was all smiles and the happiest boy w/ his new buzz light year toy and pack of “spicy carrots” (hot tamales). 

So, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Here are a few things I hope I never forget about you and this fun stage of life you are in:

Gavin is such a good little brother.  He got some money from Grandma for his birthday and when I asked him what he wanted to buy with it, he said, “a matching buzz light year toy for bro, so he has one to play with too.”  Awwwww, I wanted to cry, he is so sweet and caring and truly loves his older brother.

His sweetness extends to Mommy and Daddy as well and at any given moment during the day he will randomly find me and say, “I love you Mommy.”  An even higher compliment from Gavin is being called a good guy.  I love when we’re driving in the car and it’s quiet, then all of the sudden I hear “you a good guy Mommy”… that means G is happy!

Gavy loves all things Toy Story, reading books, the color lellow AND CANDY!!  I know, I have to be careful, b/c this little guy can smell sugar from a mile away.  Seriously, he can sniff out the candy in any room.  He loves spicy things like hot tamales and salsa (he must be a Clark!!).  His favorite movie is “Robots” (don’t ask me why or how we even got that movie!!) he loves knock knock jokes, motorcycles (papa dirt bike) and he’s a really good dancer… though you would NEVER know, b/c he FREEZES in the limelight.  We love him anyway :)

I can’t believe my little guys is 3.  I hope it is another wonderful year!!

*photo taken yesterday (on his b-day... wanted to be sure I got a little photo session in on the actual day) right after church.  He's usually SO tired after church from 2:30-5:30 but he was hammin' it up... must've known it was a special day :)


Sheri Clark said...

Such a darling three year old!! I agree with his happy disposition!! Oh to be a good guy forever!!! I love him, too!!

The Harts said...

Gavy is as sweet as sugar and tough as nails:) Happy birthday little buddy, Daddy loves you!

-Blake (The OG Good Guy)

Brandi said...

adorable picture Lindsay. I see Blake, which I never really have before. Looks like his daddy. He is such a sweetie. Glad he had a good day.