Monday, October 18, 2010


I L.O.V.E. reading beauty/product reviews by "real" unbiased people {which are hard to come by} So, when I find a product I am happy with, I feel it my duty to give a shout out!!

For my birthday last month, I decided to splurge a bit on some really great skin care.  It seems my face wash never matches my drugstore moisturizer and after a sun-filled summer, my freckled face was dying for a little TLC.

ENTER ORGINS.  Used the product a bit in college, but hadn't ever bought a full line.  SERIOUSLY ladies, after my first wash with "Modern Friction" {an exfoliate} I could literally see the dead/dull skin coming off my face.  The frothy face wash alone, is enough to make you a believer.  You need only a pea size amount to get some major foam... that bottle is going to last me a year!!   It took a few days to get things in motion, but I must reiterate: I AM IN LOVE WITH THE PRODUCT.  I know we all have different opinions/product lines/beauty rituals we swear by... just thought I share my new {an improved} facial regimen!!  In fact, here's the detailed list I whipped up in photoshop (on an editing break... a girl's got to have some fun).  

I would love to hear what works for you... don't be shy, leave a comment!!


David said...

I'm a big Origins fan too. I like that their stuff is more natural. I have a bottle of Modern Friction in my medicine cabinet right now! There is a brand at Whole Foods that I really want to try called "Jurlique". I'm into the natural stuff.


Brandi said...

Love it Lindsay. I'll have to try it. I've been thinking I need a re-do on my facial regime too. I also love REAL people reviews and from someone you know and love, that makes it a clincher for me. :) Fun!

THE ROGERS said...

Great review!I am definitely going to try this brand now that you recommended it.I have been needing some direction in skin care:)I really want to use something besides a bar of fragrance free dove soap!