Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hey everybody! After being so inspired by Ally's awesome blog... we decided to start one of our own! We now have an outlet for our obsession w/ our newest addition Baby Braden! This means we won't be bombarding everyone's email boxes w/ pictures of the little guy (or at least not that often!)

Anyway, feel free to post comments, send pictures and ENJOY!!!


The 3 Harts


blake said...

Hey Lindsay, this is a great idea, now people can just go straight there and see how cute Braden is becoming and how bald I am!!!! I can't wait to see some more fun pictues on here ASAP! By the way, YOU'RE HOT!!!!!

Ally said...

Harts: How wonderful it is to see your new blog! And, Lindsay has already figured out how to caption the pictures. I still can't do it right...Your little guy sure is precious. I bet he can't wait to play with his older cousin Evan. Love you guys!

marliss said...

I LOVE Braden! I want to see more pictures! Blake...believe me you don't know what bald is until you've taken a photo with my family. Linz-- you are HOT!

CJ said...

No Blake You are Hot!! Welcome to the world of parenthood. The James family are looking forward to seeing the new Hart. Glad all went well and we wish you the best.
Chris, Piret and Jargo

Kellie said...

Wait...Braden, you're hot! Mom,'re okay. :) Just kidding! You all look great. I love this idea of a blog. Linz, hope you're doing well...we need to talk soon. i'll call you. Love you guys!