Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Black Eyed Pea...

Saturday morning I woke up to Blake standing over me with a bright new shiner!! Yes... the result of Saturday AM church basketball! It was actually not too bad and it's looking better already!

The office I work for (the chiropractor's) shot the "family" Christmas card picture today. Blake was stylin' with his "under eye-shadow" and Braden was stylin' in his red velvet overalls!! TOO CUTE!

Our favorite Braden face... getting ready for a BURP!


Krista and roommates said...

wow. is he still alive after being choked by dad? anyway, that's THE COOLEST face ever. we (my roommies and I) vote it the wickedest look in the world. and by wicked we mean SWEET!

Lenna said...

What a gorgeous family! No wonder you are so thrilled. Wish I could be there.