Sunday, June 12, 2011

Preschool Graduation

It's been a few weeks, but I officially have a preschool-graduate-headed-to-kindergarten on my hands!!  Braden absolutely LOVED preschool and his adorable teacher Ms. Pam (a retired kindergarten teacher of 30 years... she was AMAZING!!)

Had to post a few pictures of this "labor of love" gift we made for Ms. Pam.  A few of us mom's got together and coordinated a classroom scrapbook.  We had each of the kids submit digital pics as well as a piece of artwork.  From there I put together a lay flat (professional grade ... no skimping here, hehe!!) album highlighting pics from throughout the year as well as individual kid's pages, with their artwork on the adjacent page!  It was beautiful!  Took waaaay to long, but so worth it.  I knew Ms. Pam would appreciate every little detail.  I am wishing I would have gotten some better pictures of the actual album b/c I don't know if I would ever have time to do something like that again for a teacher!!  I am going to order a smaller version for Braden though, so it will be a great memory!!
Lastly, you've got to watch the video... if anything for the entertainment value of the little boy standing to the left of Braden.... seriously, it keeps getting funnier!!!  Kindergarten here we come!!

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Candace said...

Yay Bray!! He looked so Dapper!