Sunday, May 08, 2011

Just My Luck!!!

It's been a BUSY week... to say the least!  FIRST OFF... Blake and I celebrated 9 years on Wednesday!! Very exciting.  We figured we'd go all out next year for the 10 year anniversary (think Mexico or Spain!!) So for this year, the fact that we coordinated a night out was good enough for me!!  Our date conveniently fell on a Wednesday, which for Bonefish fans, this means $5 bang bang shrimp... I'm telling you, eating that was as thrilling for me as romping on the shores of CABO {well close}.  We also saw Water For Elephants - I finished the book last month so I was looking forward to that!  I loved the movie... thought the actors did phenomenal (though I'm not the world's toughest movie critic)... I just love a good movie on a night out.
Thursday night I had a huge bridal session that I have been coordinating and looking forward to for a LONG time!  This bride booked me 2 years ago and I wanted to do something special!!  I'm going to do a big blog post on my new Hart to Hart Digital Blog, but I did want to post a few here.  My good friend and make-up artist Candace had the hook-up with the car and location... THANK YOU Candace, that was big!!  I was really happy with how everything turned out... but that was NOT my only shoot for the week!!

I had a total of 4 sessions between Thursday and Saturday, plus two more this week!  Always a blessing to have business... I just pray I can keep up!!

OKAY... let's end this with a fun story!!  Whenever May rolls around and the weather turns nice, my good friend and neighbor Kelly and I start hitting the yard sales... it's a bit of a tradition, we'll say!!  With Kelly's sharp eye and mad mini van maneuvering skills and my crazy luck, we do pretty well!!  Anyway, this Saturday, bright and early we decided to hit a few before the mayhem of my day hit.  I told her I wanted to find a cool crate {photography prop} and a bench among a few other things... we were on a mission.

Literally the first house we stopped at I picked up this white crate for $3... it was perfect for my session last night!!  We were on a roll and it was only 7:35am!!

We hit one other big neighborhood sale and had some great finds!!  I told Kelly as we pulled in I wanted to buy a skateboard for Bray and Voila.... found one at the next house!!

Here's the kicker:  We had to take an alternate route home but decided to follow one more "Garage Sale" sign and ended up in this really nice neighborhood.  By then it was 10:30 which means most of the good stuff is usually gone, but we drove around for a bit and I commented I still needed to find my bench.  A few minutes later we pulled up to a house and saw THE PERFECT BENCH sitting outside.  I literally ran from the car ready to purchase it.  Can you imagine how BUMMED I was when the lady told me she had sold it earlier this morning for $20 and was just waiting for the new owners to come pick it up!!!  What... I would've paid a lot more than that.  DANG.  Kelly and I drove off slowly with our heads hung low.  Man... it was the PERFECT bench!!

Well, somehow, in trying to get out of that huge neighborhood, Kelly's van circled around and we found ourselves driving by that same house (with the perfect bench) in time to watch the new owners loading it up.  They had a huge truck and trailer with lots of other furniture... they could spare this bench surely... and it was an older Asian dude... he would have no idea/nor appreciate the fact that he had scored a pottery barn-ish bench for $20... I had to act FAST.  I jumped out of the car, ran over to his trailer and offered to buy the bench from him for double what he had just bought it for.  "Plllleaaase... I have been looking for something like this for months - I'm a photographer and it will make the perfect bench".  He laughed and told me to go ask his wife in the front seat.  We rolled around the corner, out of sight from the original owners... she told me they staged "trailer homes" {noooo, this bench does not deserve to just be staged in a trailer!!!!} but could probably find something else.  I offered her $40 and she took it happily "now we can go out to dinner tonight!!!".  I was dying.  You would have thought we won the lottery with how excited we were!!  Seriously guys, it's the little things for me!!   And can you blame me... is it not the perfect bench!!
Here's to another great week...


Dave said...

Lindsay, you are too cute! I LOVE the bench too, really cute, and didn't you say it was white?? You already painted it?? Super woman to say the least..I need to hang out with you at the garage sales!! Bravo for all of your good finds, and a Happy Mother's Day:)

Candace said...

Thanks for the shout Lindz!!! I am in love and coveting your new bench!!! I am dying for one of those myself!!! Keep your eyes peeled for me!!

Brandi said...

Wow! So fun on your garage sale finds. I want to tag along with you guys. I love garage sale-ing, but not alone, so I've not done it much here, but my mom and I love doing it whenever I'm visiting her in Cali.

So glad you had the bang bang for your anniversary. It is SOOO AMAZING! We went there for our Anni too. and I totally want to see WFE. I read the book years ago. It looks like they did pretty good on the film. I hope I'll make it. We aren't good at getting out to a movie. We usually make it to dinner and then are too tired and go home. sheesh I sound old! haha

Ashlee said...

Love that Bench!! It is PERFECT!!!

ME said...

LOOOOve the bench! Good call on the wheeling and dealing... did you use the word 'skulka'... remember 'how much' (ukrainian).
I'm jealous of fabulous finds, of course I have no more room in my house for anything!