Monday, March 21, 2011

Tamale Train!! {Insert Mary Murphy Sized Yell} Toot Toot!

HOLA HOLA!!  I had to post a few pictures from our Young Women's Camp Fundraiser last month!!  We made and sold over 700 hundred Mexican Tamales!!  Seriously... it was hard core.  

Blake was perhaps, the most hard core of all.  He spent a good chunk of his Friday night helping to make the "masa" or dough and then almost all day Saturday.  I was working around teaching photography classes, so he really takes the cake for going all out!

It was fun getting all the chicas involved... after all it will be their way to get to camp!  Don't you just love the hair nets... had to be extra hygienic!

And of course the boys had to get in on the action!!  They spent just as much time there as we did and are now expert tamale makers... or at least "husk preppers".  Can't wait to do it again next month....

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Brandi said...

wow that was quite a job to take on! great job! I hope you all earned all the $ you needed. That was a lot of work! :)