Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Few Fun Final Fotos...

Hey blog-o-shpere!!  We've been busy the last few weeks as summer has been winding down and real schedules are about to set it.  This is my all inclusive catch up session:

One of the most excited things we did these past few weeks is hit the opening night of Mary Poppins!!  Blake called a few nights before to let us know he had gotten tickets!!  This was Braden's official first musical... AND IT WAS AWESOME!  We rented the movie right before so the songs and story line were fresh.  He was literally dancing in the isles and loved when Burt tap danced on the ceiling.  We are still singing all the songs and I think the best part of it all for me was watching him watch it.  There was so much wonder and excitement... I loved it.

Two days later, Blake had a free day, so we used our Libraries free Discovery Place passes and made our first visit to this amazing place!  We've lived here in Charlotte for a while now and I've been wanting to do this forever... I think the kids were at fairly good ages.  They loved the 3D movies and the kids zone downstairs.  Even Blake and I were amazed at the exhibits and I secretly wanted to go back myself so I could explore so more... maybe next time!
FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL... well, preschool anyway!  Braden missed the kindergarten cutoff by a few months {which I was more than happy about}.  Just can't imagine him gone all day... not yet any way!  So... we've been excited about preschool ALL summer and this week the big day finally came.  I got to hang w/ him the first day.  It was really fun to see him in that environment.  Braden is a pretty independent little fellow and had no qualms or reservations about starting a new experience.  After day one he marched right in and even said, "Mom, you don't have to walk me to the door"... "Oh yes I do!!" Love you big boy!!

On a side note here, last, last Friday Gavin announced that he no longer wears diapers.  Keep in mind this little guy has had NO interest in the potty and I wasn't pushing.  G turns three in Oct. so I thought I'd wait until it got closer to really focus.  BUT, when Gavin makes a decision, this little man sticks with it.  He has been dry every night since his announcement!!  #2 is still a major issue, but I can't believe I haven't had to do anything to get this guy almost potty trained!!  We have also been re-doing his room into an official big boy room.  Eventually B&G will be in the bunk beds in Bray's room, so I am "designing on a dime" to at least give him a cool space for now.  

Anyway, we bought some fun things for his room, including this little night stand that I let him choose what color he wanted to paint.  He picked out the color and we all had a blast painting it.  Someday we'll get the whole room done and I'll do the big reveal!!

Below, I love the picture of Bray with his "Buzz Lightyear" wings... he has the BEST imagination!!

And finally, I wanted to post a few pics of our Branch Primary Temple Trip... the boys first official visit. Our temple is down in Columbia, SC and it was a SWELTERING day.  But it was really sweet and I'm glad we made the effort to be a part of it.


brandi said...

I love how the buildings in S.C. are brick. So beautiful. It looks like MAry Poppins was so much fun!! I love that musical..and way to go on the potty training himself thing..wish he could telepathically get my girls to decided on their own. It would make things so much easier!!!

David said...

Whoa, Gavin almost potty trained! So funny how Braden said you don't have to walk him to the door. Next time you should embarrass him by showering him with kisses in front of the whole class. I miss our Indian buffet days...random thought.

Tiff and Dan said...

LOVE THE BLOG POST! So fun to see what you guys have been up to!

Andria Laws said...

I just got caught up on all you've been up to. looks like you had a great summer!
P.S. You are so stinking cute!

alisa said...

Yay for Mary Poppins! Looks like so much fun! We haven't been to Discovery Place in a while.....looks fun! And I love the branch temple trip! So cute!! Can't wait to hear all about it!