Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What a blast this past weekend was!! Actually, it got started early, when Ashlee flew in on Wednesday. Mom, Dad & Tanner came in on Friday and it was basically a whirlwind of fun, food and LOT'S of projects. I don't think Dad sat, except to eat and watch a movie. He and Blake (and Tanner) kept busy the entire time on projects... for which we are so GRATEFUL!!! We also hit "On The Border" and saw the new Indy movie on Sat. That was fun. Our neighboorhood pool opened up this weekend... another highlight. The last picture you'll see - I just had to add it - is Dad teasing Braden (imagine that!) by trying to put on his LBJ's shorts. Braden was having a major melt down (MMD) over the whole ordeal, but it's really funny footage!! Anyway, we truly hated to see everyone go... it always goes too fast, but THANK YOU THANK YOU for making the trip.

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