Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Florida Trip - 2008

Usually I just post pictures without writing a ton, but I probably should explain a few pictures from this trip!!! First of all, it has been an AMAZING month so far. We started it w/ a visit from Camille. She came for a few days and then helped me drive down to Florida. We were planning on spending a week and then she would drive back with me, stay a few more days and then fly home. Well, that week turned into 10 fun-filled days and even then, it was hard to leave. These first ones are the obligatory jet ski pics, always a highlight for Braden. Some mornings I would just watch him walk down to the lake and jump on the jetski and sit there for 20 mins. Maybe pretending he was riding, maybe waiting for someone? Either way, when he's in the water, he's in heaven.

G-man & baby Button fast asleep

The second night we were there, Tanner had just given himself a haircut. Braden is obsessed w/ hair (that's how he falls asleep: playing w/ his own). So after feeling Uncle Tanners fresh buzz, he readily agreed to getting his own. It went great until that night when it was time for bed. "Don't wan't my haircut" was the cry. And it was definitely a sad cry :( But he got over it pretty quick and I think he looks pretty cute!

Baking bread & cookies w/ Ahma... it doesn't get much better than that!
The happy grandparents

Bath time!!

I don't know if I've posted about Braden's cowboy boots. Long story short: another great obsessions. He received them from Uncle Taylor on his mission and it is rare that he takes them off (sometimes I hide them, like on Sunday mornings). But this particular Sunday morning he was convinced he got to wear them to church!! They are cute... but red doesn't go with everything unfortunately!!

I love my little Gavin's smile. He is seriously the happiest, smiliest, cudliest little guy. I can't resist taking pics of him smiling (which happens a lot, so sorry for so many Gavin pics!)

The boys and Aunt Ash! So happy she could come to FL. We miss her all the over there in TEXAS

Braden LOVES my parent's neighboors... esp. their 2 boys. Every morning he would get up and say "let's go to Rhett and Rye's to play". It's cute that he remembers them every time we go!

Okay - these next few are just too funny to not explain. Since Braden has the cowboy boots and all, we decided that he had to experience a rodeo. My mom found this red cowboy hat and Tiff and Dan let Gavin borrow Benton's. We were decked out and ready to go to the Church Ranch Rodeo (part of our reason for staying - definitely worth it). Bray LOVED all the action and was mesmerized for 3 hours straight (if only he could sit that still for that long at church!!!). It was a smaller rodeo and lot of fun for him!! He even got to ride on a hourse. He still talking about it!!

I just love this one!


The Hyer Family said...

Cute pics! I love keeping up with your family!

eva and joey said...

I kept checking to see when you would update! So glad you did! The pics are adorable! Rett and Rye love Braden too!

Tiff and Dan Bates said...

i just love all of these pictures. It was so much fun to be together. i hope its not too long before we can do it again!