Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas in Sunny Florida

Braden's favorite Florida past time: sho-be-ling! He could shovel for hours!!!
Playing the bongos... Blake's Christmas present from me!

Helping build the dock

Some friends of our family were house the "Budwiser Clidesdales" before the orange bowl. We got to go see them at their Ranch. This picture does not do justice to how HUGE they are in person!! WOW!

The 2 "G-Bruces" (Grandpa Bruce & Gavin Bruce)

Christmas eve w/ Santa's little Elf!
Blake agreed to dress up as Santa for Christmas Eve caroling. Braden HATES Santa... but this one is a little different?!?! "Is that my Daddy?"

Christmas Jammies!

Cowboy boots from Uncle Tay in Wyoming
Christmas morning... coming down the stairs

Pedicures... a fun tradition!!!
Next to Shobeling... Braden was obsessed w/ Jet Skiing. Everyday he would put his life jacket on, walk down to lake, hop on the jetski and wait for someone to give hime a ride!

Now if he could just get wakeboarding down like Aunt Cami!

Dad's B-day

Caroling at the Assisted living center

Campfire... one of our favorite things to do (especially if it involves marshmallows and chocolate)!! What a fun, memorable Christmas!

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